Range Rover Classic Rebuilt Long Engines

Engine Size: 3.5-litre long engine (exchange*)

(+ VAT)

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Built in-house to our exacting standards, they are high-quality replacement rebuilds with proven to be reliability. The 3.9-litre and the 4.2-litre engines are top-hat lined as standard, which removes the possibility of any liner movement ensuring long-term reliability.

Kingsley also offers fully built turn-key engines which are bench run-in and can provide ancillaries such as refurbished rocker covers, restored plenum chambers, restored fuel rails etc at additional cost.

*Exchange terms: Kingsley will ship your Range Rover Classic engine upon receipt of your old unit (please note we cannot accept engines that have casing/block damage).

Please ensure your old engine is fully drained of oil before shipping to us. Kingsley Range Rover Classic refurbished engines carry a 12-month parts warranty.


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