5000cc High Power & Torque V8 Carburettor Turn-Key Engine

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These engines are machined to our specification with a displacement of 5000cc by our engineering partner and carefully assembled by our highly skilled engine builders to provide an engine that is super smooth and reliable but with massive gains in both power and torque.

These engines, like our high-torque units, is 'top-hat' lined, balanced, with forged internals, fully bench run-in and fully set-up with modified SU carbs/​airbox and are built with large exhaust ports that are suitable for manual cars.

The unit is also supplied with it's Dyno report. This is literally a totally complete plug and play’ solution, which will produce up to 315–320bhp and 360 ft-lbs torques @ 4000rpm out of the crate.

Shown with optional but recommended Kingsley Tubular exhaust manifolds which when combined with our free-flowing stainless steel exhaust will unleash the potential of your new engine. 

*Exchange terms: Kingsley will ship your Range Rover Classic engine upon receipt of your old unit (please note we cannot accept engines that have casing damage).

Please ensure your old engine is fully drained of oil before shipping to us.  Kingsley Range Rover Classic refurbished engines carry a 12-month parts warranty.

2021 built engines have a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty which is automatically EXTENDED TO 3 YEARS if your car is serviced every 6000 miles or 12 months (whichever is soonest) by Kingsley.








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