Range Rover Classic 1991–1995 Electric Seat ECU

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Mirrors moving when you try to adjust your driver’s seat electrically?
Do you have a limited operation of your electric seats?
Most of the time this is due to the memory seat ECU which is fitted under the driver’s seat failing. A battery in the ECU retains the memory position of the driver’s seat and mirrors. When the battery installed onto the printed circuit board (PCB) fails, it leaks acid damaging the PCB and corrupting the signals from the switch. 

The seat ECU can also fail due to electrical spikes/​shorts burning internal ECU components which can be caused by faulty seat motors or electric mirrors.

Kingsley remanufactured 1991–1995 Range Rover Classic seat ECU’s offer fully operational seat and mirror memory and now carry a 12-month warranty.
These have been totally remanufactured from every aspect, the boards the chips, the wiring.These now come without the need to have a battery fitted unlike the previous version so no more battery leaks.

Our NEW remanufactured seat ECUs Come in two options:
Option 1 New Board & New Harness Only.
Option 2 New Board & New Harness and Casing.
If you already have the seat ecu fitted in your vehicle please choose option 1.
If you do not have a seat ecu installed in your vehicle please choose option 2.

We can also supply electric seat switches.
Warranty terms: Kingsley remanufactured seat ECUs now carry a 12-months return to base warranty. 


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